Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage film : Pukar (1939)

Pukar (Hindi: पुकार) is a 1939 Hindi film produced and directed by Sohrab Modi under the production house, Minerva Movietone. The film is about Mughal emperor Jehangir's (Chandramohan) legendary justice and focuses how Jehangir offers himself to be killed when a washer-woman accuses the empress Noor Jehan (Naseem Banu) of killing her husband in a hunt. To those who have not heard of Naseem Banu, she is mother of actress Saira Banu, and mother-in-law of actor Dilip Kumar. Naseem Banu's mother was a courtesan, singer-dancer, Chhamiya Bai, also known as Shamshad Begum (not to be confused with the famous playback singer Shamshad Begum).

The only son of Sardar Sangram Singh (Sohrab Modi), Mangal, is provoked into a fight with two men, which he accepts and wins, killing the two challengers. The families of the deceased men approach emperor Jehangir for justice, and Sangram Singh, trusting the justice of his employer, entrusts his son to the justice of his majesty. Jehangir makes it clear that his law is clear and there are no exceptions, and he orders the execution of Mangal, ignoring the pleas of Sangram Singh. Then a woman, whose husband has been killed, rings the bell for justice. Jehangir hears the matter, and he is told that this woman's husband has been killed by an arrow. But the woman is hesitant to name the killer for fear of repercussion. Jehangir, however, assures her that there will be no repercussions, and she names the killer as the empress, Noor Jehan. This throws Jehangir into a quandary, as now he will have to apply the same law as he has been to others.

Khan Mastana & Sardar Akhtar - Dhoay Mahobe Ghat :  Download

Menka - Dil Mein Tu, Aankhon Mein Tu :  Download

Sheela - Geet Suno Wo Geet Saiyan :  Download

Sardar Akhtar - Kahe Ko Mohe Chhede Re Beimanwa :  Download

Sardar Akhtar & Naseem Banu - Sanwariya La Wohi Re :  Download

Sheela - Tum Bin Humri Kaun Khabar Le :  Download

Naseem Banu - Zindagi Ka Saaz Bhi Kya Saaz Hai :  Download

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