Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vidyapati (1937)

Vidyapati (Hindi: विद्यापति) is a 1937 Hindi film directed by Debaki Bose. It starred Pahadi Sanyal and Kanan Devi in lead roles. Other actors were Prithviraj Kapoor, Chhaya Devi, K C Dey, Kidar Sharma and Leela Desai. Music was composed and directed by R C Boral.

Kanan Devi and K C Dey in Vidyapati (1937) :

The film is about Mithila's King Shiv Singh's (Prithviraj Kapoor) love for his wife while chronicling the influence of the pacifist court poet Vidyapati (Pahadi Sanyal). Invited to the royal court by the king, Vidyapati arrives with his faithful follower Anuradha (Kanan Devi). Queen Laxmi (Chhaya Devi) falls in love with the poet, much to the distress of the king. The king falls ill and starts neglecting his royal duties until Anuradha persuades him that true love does not need reciprocation. The queen, equally distressed by her divided loyalties, contemplates suicide, encouraged by the prime minister who is worried by the nefarious impact of Vidyapati's poetry on the king.

Pahadi Sanyal - Darshan Huye Tihare Sajan :  Download

Pahadi Sanyal - Ek Bans Ki Thi Patli Si Nali :  Download

K C Dey - Gokul Se Gaye Girdhari :  Download

K C Dey - Panghat Pe Kanhaiya Aata Hai :  Download


  1. Adityakimar VarmanFebruary 9, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Your contribution is commendable. I request you to kindly add songs of Kanan Devi also

  2. Who is the male voice with Kanan Devi? Is it K. C. Dey? Or Dhumi Khan?