Friday, January 28, 2011

C H Atma : geet & ghazal

Here are some lingering melodies by the incredible C H Atma. C H Atma's precise crystal-clear rendering was a salute to K L Saigal's singing style. Presumably all these songs are non-film ones. Please correct me if they are not.

C H Atma - Aayi Jo Unki Yaad :  Download

C H Atma - Aye Dost Mujhe Ab Yaad Na Kar :  Download

C H Atma - Bansuriya Kahe Bhaye Sanwariya :  Download

C H Atma - Bezuban Sapnon Ko :  Download

C H Atma - Chalo Na Gori Machal Machal Kar :  Download

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